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We are the leading US expert in the design of innovative, environmentally sensitive, equipment-free natural playgrounds, natural playground elements, and outdoor classrooms, for K-12 schools, communities, and childcare centers.

We offer the following Services and Products:

  • Design Services   Simple for tight budgets and residences, Comprehensive for bigger budgets, and Planning Services the larger perspective for Master/Campus planning!
  • Manufacturing   We have an online store offering a large selection of learning and play elements made by us in the US at great prices! All smaller products come fully assembled, and all larger prducts (ie gazebos, decks) come in easy-to-assemble kits with easy-to-follow assembly instructions! We can also custom design and build whatever you want!

The Natural Playgrounds Company® has focused exclusively on natural play and learning environments for 25 years. We don't do anything else: we design them, and we design and build things that go in them, and that's it. We're the only company in the world who offers this comprehensive package of services, and the only company in the world which has an intimate understanding of how all these work together, because we control every aspect of every part of the process.

Why does this matter? Because we've been doing this for so long, and because all our processes are interrelated, we get constant feedback from each of our divisions, which means we are constantly improving our products, services, and operations, and constantly adjusting to meet all the licensing and safety regulations. All of this makes it easy and foolproof for you!

Our overall objective is to foster creation of more natural play and learning opportunities on your site by using a preponderance of natural and sustainable features, materials, and play opportunities that reflect your region's natural character and beauty in the Natural Playground design.

Our unique expertise stems from our knowledge, experience, and understanding of how children play, over 25 years of working with children of all ages, a comprehensive and complete understanding of children's play expectations and experiences, the natural environment, environmental planning, design and the visual arts, landscaping and hardscaping construction, and playground safety regulations.

And because we know what we're doing, we're extremely cost-effective!

In addition to the above, the following services are also available:

  • Site visits and assessments
  • 3D topographic scanning for accurate planning purposes
  • Inexpensive drainage solutions
  • Engaging, interactive slideshow that sells the Natural Playground concept
  • Construction Notes and detail packages for permitting and bidding

Working with us gives you unprecedented access to all of this. We can answer any questions about:

  • How to design your space for imaginative, discovery-oriented play
  • What children need for interactive play
  • What is going to work on your site
  • Drainage issues
  • How curriculum can be integrated into the outdoor space
  • How to make the transition of your site from a standard playground to a more natural playground
  • Where to find money
  • What parts can be done by parents>
  • Any aspect of construction
  • Anything to do with maintenance...

For more information, answers to questions, or to get started on a project, contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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