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  • Can you design to a budget?

    Yes. As a matter of fact, that's the place to start. Natural playgrounds are always built in phases as money becomes available, so the design should be based on what you plan on investing in your outdoor learning and play area over a five-year period. We'll develop a plan based on that long-range budget and then help you decide what to do first with the money you have in hand.

  • Do I need a design?

    You need some kind of a layout so your play and learning conveys a purpose and doesn't look haphazard. We offer three levels of design services, starting with a simple Placement Plan for a few hundred dollars. Essentially, as the budget increases, the complexity of the project increases. As things become more complex, more design time is needed to make sure your money is being invested wisely and in a way that benefits your children and your site in the most optimal way. See here for more information 

  • Can I buy products from your store and install them myself?

    Absolutely! Every one of our products has been designed and field-tested to provide the utmost play value to children and other users. Over the years, we have refined the products so they are extremely easy to assemble on-site, and extremely easy to install. All of them come with complete assembly and installation instructions that make it as easy on you as possible.

  • How has your company lasted so long?

    Because for 25 years we've been totally committed to providing the best services and the best products at the most competitive prices, so that most of your money can go to bringing natural play and learning experiences to your facility and to your children!

Orders & Shipping

  • How do I order a design?

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us toll free 888-290-8405 to begin the discussion. We'll have you answer a few basic questions, and you're on your way! For more information about our design process, look here

  • How do I order products?

    Just click on either the Products or Store link above (or here) which will take you directly to our online store offering over 100 play and learning elements specifically designed and field-tested by children to provide them with the ultimate in outdoor natural play and learning experiences. All of our products are lovingly handbuilt in our own woodworking shop in New Hampshire, USA.

  • Can you ship your products anywhere?

    Yes, we ship all over the world and are constantly looking for the most cost-effective shipping services that will get your products to you without hassle. And, you can easily track your shipment!

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