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When schools re-open, kids will be safest
in the fresh air outdoors!

Promote their cognitive, emotional, and physical growth in outdoor classrooms made with our learning and play elements manufactured of wood and other materials sourced from right here in the US!

Wood is known to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses by absorbing them so they lose toxicity or are destroyed!

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Natural Playgrounds

Innovative, sustainable, equipment-free

• Completely safe, and they meet all ASTM, CPSC, and licensing guidelines •
• Beautiful, intriguing, cost-effective, philosophically appropriate •
• Discovery-oriented, preferred by children and parents •
• Great outdoor classrooms, & easily built in phases •
• Sizes range from 300 sq ft. to several acres, urban or rural •
• Designed by us, based on our 25 years of experience •

Don't settle for an ordinary playground kids find boring.

Choose a natural, imaginative one kids love instead!

Time and again kids tell us that equipment is boring and that they want to play outdoors like we did.

On mountains, slides, rock climbs, gardens, sand pits, orchards, climbing walls, streams, caves, labyrinths, and other natural features that help children discover and learn about nature while they play.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We are extremely pleased with our products and the children have found amazing ways to add to their play by using the tree cookies and benches, drums, and chimes. Thanks again!" — Kristen


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