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Glen Falls Elementary School


What struck us first about this site was that it contained several beautiful, mature pine trees and that two sides butted up against beautiful woods and a potential trail system.

We worked with the principal, teachers, and a very active committee on a comprehensive plan that would dramatically change the landscape and provide many more learning and play opportunities than the kids currently had.

As you can see from the photos, the area has been completely transformed from an almost flat terrain to one with two 10 foot high mountains with slides built into the hills, an 8 foot climbing wall, rockclimbing areas, shallow caves, numerous quiet, reflective areas, a huge amphitheater that accommodates the entire school, upper body exercise elements, fitness and challenge elements, large boulders, and so on.

Not a single tree was cut down, and all were incorporated in the design including one which will anchor a huge tree deck with several climbing and observation opportunities.

The playground is accessible and accommodates children of all ages and abilities.

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