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Bozeman, MT Montessori School


Typical of the Bozeman, MT area, this Montessori school with children from kindergarten through elementary school ages was built on flat land and surrounded by residential communities.

As you can see from the attached photos, there has been a dramatic change in the landscape, so that now the new mountains and new forests on this site replicate more closely the mountainous regions of this beautiful state.

Our comprehensive design process included working with the children who made models of natural play features they wanted included, many of which were incorporated in our final design.

Now the children have a long slide with a rock scramble, a huge climbing wall built into the hill, a gorgeous, mountain stream, a large sand play area with water, a stone fort, huge gardens, a gazebo with a stage and amphitheater seating, and many other fascinating, intriguing, discovery-oriented activities that keep the kids engaged whenever they are outside playing in this beautiful natural setting.

Because there are future plans to build additional school structures, we incorporated those in our master plan for the campus so that any time other funds are raised for this fabulous project, there is a plan in place that clearly shows where new elements should be located.

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