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Welcome, Homeowners!

Recently, we've had several requests from homeowners asking whether our products can be installed in their backyards.

The answer is: yes, of course! And very successfully!

Some of our products may appear to be too large for a residential setting, but many of these have been scaled to a size that may be more suitable; we are also willing to work with you to custom design and build anything you would like.

We are also working on several physical fitness and relaxing packages that you might find intriguing.

In the meantime, take a look at our online store where you will find play and learning elements which are already suitable for your home and for your children, regardless of their age.

We look forward to working with you to make your backyard a more fun and challenging place to be.

Please contact The Natural Playgrounds Company® to discuss your thoughts and plans. We welcome your inquiries and will get back in touch with you promptly.
Thank you for spending some time with us today.

(Don't forget to check out our online store of natural play elements!
Click HERE to go there now!)